2018-2020 PNAOW Executive Board


Krista Juarez, RN, CMSRN

I have quite a long name, but I’m used to being called “Krista”. I was born and raised in San Mateo, Rizal where I was cared for by my maternal grandparents. I went to school at St. Scholastica’s Academy of Marikina in grade school and I went to Stella Maris College in high school. I grew up serving the CFC Youth for Christ and served as a Chapter Leader during my last year in the Philippines. Then I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I stayed with my dad and his family. Then I moved to Clarkston, Washington to go to Walla Walla Community College where I received my Associates Degree in Nursing. I have been a nurse for 10 years and I am currently working at the Neuroscience department at Harborview Medical Center. I plan on pursuing my Bachelors and eventually Master’s Degree in Nursing. I enjoy meeting new people and serving in the Filipino Community. In my spare time, I love hosting themed parties for friends and family, exploring new skills that bring out my creative side and traveling with the love of my life, Fred. My mission as a President is to strengthen and nurture PNAOW’s foundation (as I believe that members are the foundation of the organization). My mission is to also inspire new leaders. My dream for PNAOW is to see it expand into other cities in Oregon and Washington with active representatives from each hospital, as well as attract more young members. I look forward to learning, having fun, and introducing new ideas for the betterment of PNAOW in serving our community

Vice President

Dory Osilla-Lim, BSN

• Board of Directors, PACCO (Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Oregon)
• Council of Filipino American Associations (CFAA) Representative
• Past President, Filipino American National Historical Society (FAHNS)
• Past 1st Vice President, Fil-Am Association of Portland & Vicinity for almost a year
• Honorary Board member, Aguman Capampangan Northwest USA (ACNU)
• Auditor, Philippine Nurses Association of Oregon & Washington (PNAOW)
• A very active and dedicated board member of the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Oregon (PACCO).
• A successful entrepreneur; namely, as the Owner and Administrator of Wellcare Homes LLC, as the President of JDL Investment Properties LLC, as the President of Property Management and Rentals LLC, as the Vice President of Atlas Construction and Engineering LLC and a Partner with Osilla family business Santa Barbara Investment Group.
• B.S. Degree in Nursing from the Philippine Women’s University, Taft Ave. Manila, has an Advanced Career in nursing at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia. After 10 years of practice in Nursing, she also took on medical school before moving here to Oregon in 1991.
• She is the driving force behind the success of PACCO’s Rose Festival’s Float entries for four consecutive years.

Vice President

Maria Susi, BSN, RN

Maria Cecilia Esteban Susi, for some knows me Aces, Cecile, Marices or Maria. I was born in Penaranda, Nueva Ecija and stayed there until I graduated from grade school. In HS, went to St. Paul’s San Miguel, Bulacan. And in college, I finish pre-dentistry and was going to continue in that profession but our petition came and had to move to US. I came to the US but decided to go back to the Philippines and get married. I then went back to school and decided to switch to nursing and glad I did. I was blessed with a wonderful son, Mychal, but my marriage ended as we were young and decided to move back to Portland. Worked for a year as a ÇNA and PTA at Providence Child Center. Being a single mom, I want to give my son a better future so I decided to go back to school and finish up what I started in Nueva Ecija Colleges, my BSN. I then went to a refresher course at Portland Community College, took the boards and started working as an RN at the Providence Child Center. From then on, a lot of opportunities came and I worked for an agency, Maryville nursing home and the VA Hospital. Then I met my husband Rem who has 2 boys, Michael and Glen. Then we had another boy named Immanuel. While starting our blended family, I opened an adult foster home so I can stay home with our youngest son. After opening the adult foster home, I then got a job at Providence Home Health and I have been working there as an after hour nurse for the last 14 yrs. I love being a nurse. Love to be able to care for others. I have been a member of PNAOW since we started and I will try my best to continue what we all started. We are a small group and for the members who truly care, we are extended family. We will have ups and down but because we truly care, we will work together as one.


Christine Espina, RN, MSN, DNP

I’m Christine Espina, and I’ve been a member of PNAOW since 2012. My professional interests are community/public health nursing, health policy and quality improvement, and nursing education and workforce development to impact racial and ethnic health disparities. I have practiced in a wide variety of settings including an in-patient telemetry unit, quality improvement in an acute and outpatient setting, Washington state’s nursing workforce center, and nursing academic programs. I’m currently an assistant professor at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA in the RN-to-BSN program.
I’ve had the privilege to serve as PNAOW Chapter President from 2016-2018. In this role, I’ve learned about the extensive work of the Philippine Nurses Association of America national organization in advancing and advocating for our professional development and leadership, and supporting community development efforts in the Philippines. I’m proud of our chapter’s commitment to “give back” through our local and international volunteer work, and most recently, our nursing academic scholarship program. I’m eager to see how our chapter can grow stronger and expand our impact in our community!


Lynette Gaerlan, BSN

My name is Lynette Gaerlan, a proud descendant of the Kalinga tribe. I was raised in the province of La Union where I also completed my BSN degree at a humble institution – Lorma College, Batch ’93. Currently, I’m employed at Kaiser Permanente as a Home Health nurse. Why nursing? To this day, I can still hear my wise grandpa telling me “Nursing is your ticket…” and he was right on various levels. Through this profession, I was able to rise up above mediocrity, gain a sense of my identity, and learn to embrace new possibilities like living in this land of milk and honey. I became a member of PNAOW to increase a number. That gradually changed when I had a glimpse of the dedicated leaders. In my opinion, this is a spirited group that dares to pursue “what’s new, what’s better, and what’s next.” Now, I could foresee myself with this circle of passionate/fun-loving nurses sharing the same goals and aspirations…ultimately to make a dent, however small it might seem, to the society.


Roena Bruley, BSN

Roena Bruley currently works in the Vascular Access Team of Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center. Roena attended the Western Region Conference last April in San Francisco and since then, she’s been motivated and inspired. She witnessed a group of amazing Leaders of PNAA. Their energy is contagious that made Roena wants to be more involved with PNAOW. She accepted to be nominated for the Auditor position for 2018 – 2020. Roena is committed to help move PNAOW’s Mission forward.

Public Relations Officer

Judith Wong, BSN

Graduated BSN at Manilla Central University ’91. Working at Kaiser Permanente Utilization Management.

Public Relations Officer

Niche Simon, RN

My name is Niche Ybasan Parallon Simon. I was born on April 3, 1982 from Mr. & Mrs. Cirila and Rufo Parallon of Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. I was raised in a small town by my parents until I was 9 yrs. old. I the 4th of the 7 children. My Parents were both farmers. During my early age about 7 to 8 years old, I was trained to take care of my younger siblings. I attended my Elementary education in Zamboanguita Central Elementary School. My Mother passed away when I was 10 years old from Myocardial Infarction. After my Mother’s passing, I was separated from my other siblings because my Father was not capable of raising all of us. I was raised by one of my Dad’s distant relative whom I called “ Mama/Lola” she raised me as her own child just like she promised my Mother. I graduated High School in Santiago Delma Memorial High School. After my graduation I went to college to study Bachelor Of Business Administration major in Computer Management, not because I wanted to but because it was the only course that was affordable. I’ve always dreamt of being a nurse because of my Mother’s death at my early age. I wish I could have done more for her to keep her alive but nobody knew she had that opportunistic disease. After college, I left the country to work as a caregiver to a new born baby in Happy Valley HongKong to me, that was the perfect opportunity to prepare for my dream of becoming a Nurse. I worked as a caregiver in HongKong for 2 years . During the epidemic SARS in HongKong, my employer moved back to their 2nd home in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada and took me with them. They encouraged me to find a nursing school in Vancouver that I can attend at night to start my nursing education but after almost 2 years of trying, the Canadian told my employer that I can’t go to school since I came with them under a worker’s visa. I flew back to the Philippines and tried to apply for a student visa but has not succeeded. My employer then rehired me as a caregiver. After all the struggles I just gave up and just focused on my caregiving job. In 2005, after 4 years of friendship, I was engaged to my very supportive husband and we tied the knot after 2 years. Started a Family in San Diego, California where he was stationed serving the Navy. In San Diego I started my journey into nursing by taking a CNA class and became certified. It was a very good accomplishment for me although others won’t look at it the same. I became an Acute care CNA and worked at ER, Med surge, ICU, and Telemetry units. I met a lot of people who encouraged me to pursue Nursing and I did. We moved to Oregon in 2012 and I officially became a licensed Nurse in 2013, I am getting there slowly but I wouldn’t do it the other way. I love what I do and my heart just keeps taking me there. It is my passion not just a profession. I love serving the Filipino community in any way I can and despite my very busy life, I would still love to get involved in any activities that are for good cause that is why I worked very hard to raised funds in 2014 when I was nominated to be one the Mrs. Philippines candidates. I will continue to serve our Filipino-American community. I will take any opportunity that I can in doing so. Thank you for considering me to be the PRO for PNAOW, one of the organizations that is very close to my heart because of their visions including humanitarian services through medical missions.